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Best Office Chair Cushion For Back Pain 2022
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Best Office Chair Cushion For Back Pain 2022

Are you experiencing back pain while working on your computer or desk? Know the best office chair cushions for back pain in 2022.

Working from home has many, many benefits. More time with the kids? Wearing what makes you comfortable? Have more control over your breaks and schedule? Yes, please!

But, what people aren't talking about is the lower back pain, hip pain, and even sciatica that can come with prolonged sitting or flexed spinal curvature. Do you frequently move your laptop around the house to find somewhere more comfortable to sit in? It may be time to take action to change your work habits and work environment, which might be as easy as choosing the best seat cushion for your chair!

Scientists have long known that back pain is caused by, and many times worsened by, sitting for prolonged periods. There is a Canadian study that showed 28.8% of lost-time claims were due to back injuries, and 7% of those claims were from people in clerical jobs. This, of course, can result in lost wages and productivity for the worker, and medical expenses for the employer. 

At BluZen, we understand the importance of good posture for your overall health. This is why we have prepared the ultimate guide to the best office chair cushions for back pain in 2022. Keep reading so you can stay comfortable and aligned while you work!

Office Chair Cushions Explained

Chair cushions are designed to be placed on your office chair or armchair to keep you comfortable for long periods. If our body remains stationary for 8 hours or more we could end up with back pain. We can use office chair cushions to help resolve our posture, without incurring the much larger expense of buying a whole new office chair.

What Are Office Chair Cushions?

Office chair cushions come in many varieties and materials. An ergonomic office chair cushion is often referred to as a coccyx seat cushion, lumbar, or support cushion. Quite simply, office chair cushions are applied to the base of your office chair or the back of your office chair to provide relief from the hard surface of the seat, which may cause lower back pain or coccyx pain. 

Benefits Of Chair Cushions

There are many benefits of using a chair cushion throughout the day while working from home or the office. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Improved posture - a good posture will help you to focus throughout the day. A seat cushion can adjust your posture, granting you an improved natural position.
  • Reducing compression - when we are sitting in a chair, the weight of our body causes constriction in the hip area, the spine, and the tailbone, which could lead to hip pain. With memory foam cushions, this pressure and compression are relieved.
  • Blood flow - compression on your lower back and hips may also restrict the blood flow into your legs. A cushion will help to ease the restriction on your blood flow and promote healthier circulation.
  • Digestion - when you're sitting, the compression on your lower back and abdomen can also cause restriction of your digestive system. A memory foam cushion can help open up your stomach and promote good posture, which will allow for better digestion.
  • Energy - if you suffer from back pain throughout the day due to poor posture, this can slowly take a toll on your energy levels. Having good posture, good circulation, and good digestion can help to keep you alert and pain-free throughout the day, and you won't feel the need to go lie down and 'rest' your back.
  • Portability - you can move your cushion from the office chair to car seats or dining chairs for comfort wherever you are sitting.

What To Look For In Chair Cushions For Back Pain?

So, when you're looking for a cushion to ease your back pain while you work, what qualities should you be looking for. We have prepared a list of the different shapes, materials, and support types to help you determine which support cushion would be right for you and your overall physical wellbeing.


There are two types of materials that are most common in seat cushions:

  • Memory foam cushions - a memory foam seat cushion will provide support and comfort. Memory foam is made with viscoelastic material that provides soft and gentle cushioning.
  • Gel seat cushions - a gel seat cushion will provide better breathability, which is great if you're prone to a sweaty behind while you work. However, a gel seat cushion can be more susceptible to wear and tear and won't last as long as a memory foam seat cushion.

You can get seat cushions with a combination of both gel and memory foam to combine the benefits of both materials.

Type Of Support

There are a few types of support cushions that serve different purposes:

  • Lumbar support pillows - a lumbar support pillow usually rest on the backrest of your chair to preserve the natural curve in your spine while you sit for long periods.
  • The coccyx seat cushion - coccyx seat cushions provide relief from any pain in your coccyx while you sit. Your coccyx is the tailbone, or the end of your spine, which can be compressed if you sit upright for long hours.


  • Wedge seat cushion - the wedge seat cushion is designed to provide support by keeping you upright and tilting your hips while you sit.
  • The donut seat cushion - coccyx orthopedic seat cushions usually have a donut hole where your coccyx should sit, so there is no pressure on your tailbone.
  • Strapped cushions - you can strap lumbar support pillows to the backrest of your chair with adjustable straps to provide more curvature.


The size of your cushion depends on how low you would like your seat to be, how much support you need, and your personal preferences. Measure the seat of your chair to determine how large the cushion your purchase should be. 


One of the biggest considerations with an office seat cushion is how much you're willing to pay. Higher-quality cushions will generally cost you around $25 or more; otherwise, you may be investing in a cushion that will wear out quite quickly. Low-quality materials will become compressed and worn, and may not ultimately provide you with the support you need.

Best Types Of Office Chair Cushions For Back Pain

We have compiled a list of the best types of office chair cushions to help you relieve pressure and maintain proper posture while you work.

Memory Foam Chair Cushions

Memory foam chair cushions are definitely the most popular, and help provide cushioning on the pressure points that are vulnerable to compression while seated. Office chairs generally have some padding, but memory foam helps relieve pressure by adapting to the shape of your lower back and pelvic region. Memory foam makes for the best seat cushions, as memory foam will not simply flatten but retain its shape and provide better support for your pelvis.

Chair Cushions For Tall People

Tall people may find that their spine curves uncomfortably as they sit to work, as they must hunch over to view their computer screen. In addition to working from a taller desk, taller-than-average people should make sure their chair allows their legs to rest on the floor comfortably at a 90-degree angle. A chair cushion can certainly help raise the overall height of the chair while at the same time cushioning the lower back, hips, or coccyx.   

Chair Cushions For Improving Posture

Wedge cushions and seat cushions are designed to stop your pelvis from caving in and tilt it upright for a better posture. If you maintain proper posture while you work, you will have less back pain, and you will find that you are more energetic when you reach the end of your workday.

Foam And Gel Hybrid Chair Cushions

Foam and gel hybrid chair cushions provide the comfort and support of memory foam and the heat-relieving properties of gel to ensure breathability in your pelvic region throughout the day.

Donut Chair Cushions

Donut chair cushions contain a small hole for your coccyx. If you notice that your tailbone becomes sore due to compression throughout the day, you should consider investing in a donut char cushion.

Core Engagement Or Wobble Seat Cushion

A core engagement cushion or wobble seat cushion helps you maintain a good posture throughout the day while keeping your core activated. These cushions are unstable, so you must use your core muscles to support yourself while you work. Core engagement seat cushions can help you make the most of your workday and burn more calories while you sit for long periods.

How To Sit Correctly?

To get the most out of your seat cushion, you will need to learn the best sitting position to ensure your posture is correct throughout the day.

Support Back And Wrists

Your back should be supported throughout your workday by a backrest. If you find yourself leaning or hunching forward, this is incorrect posture. You should lean back, and if you're working on a computer or laptop, your forearms should be resting on the table to support your wrists; otherwise, they may become sore.

Use Headsets Or Bluetooth Earphones Instead Of Pressing A Phone To Your Ear

If your job requires you to speak on the phone for long periods, you will benefit from investing in Bluetooth earphones or a headset instead of cradling the phone between your ear and your shoulder. The prolonged distortion of the neck can have very negative consequences so using a headset will ensure that your neck will be upright and balanced, alleviating neck and shoulder pain.

Ensure Proper Placement Of Devices On The Desk

If you're short or tall, you need to ensure that your neck is not hyperextended while you work. Your computer screen should be positioned so that you do not have to tilt your neck upwards or downwards too much to see.

Rest Feet On The Floor

Resting your feet on the floor is the best way to ensure there is less stress on your hips. The support from the floor will help reduce the amount of work your hips must keep your legs balanced and ensure you do not suffer any pelvic pain as the day wears on.

Take Regular Breaks

Regular breaks help you flex your spine, legs, and hips, removing any tension built up in the area. By taking frequent breaks to perform stretching or yoga, you may find that you are more comfortable and productive while you work.


Finding the right office seat cushion can help you stay comfortable and supported throughout the day. There's nothing worse than back pain after a day at your desk as it can make you feel more tired and reduce your energy levels. So, consider implementing our correct posture tips and investing in a seat cushion to help relieve pressure and pain in the pelvis and lower back. At BluZen, we love providing our customers with the tips, tricks, and products they need for wellness and relaxation - check out our blog for more helpful information!

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