Best Office Chair Cushion For Back Pain 2022

Best Office Chair Cushion For Back Pain 2022

Discover the top office chair cushions for alleviating back pain while working at your computer or desk in 2023.

Working from home

certainly has its perks - more time with the family, comfortable attire, and a flexible schedule, to name a few. However, the downside includes lower back pain, hip pain, and even sciatica that can arise from prolonged sitting or improper posture. Are you constantly switching spots, trying to find a more comfortable place to work? Prioritizing ergonomics and upgrading your work environment, starting with the best seat cushion may be the answer!


It's no secret that sitting for extended periods contributes to back pain. One Canadian study found that 28.8% of lost-time claims were due to back injuries, with 7% of those claims coming from clerical jobs - resulting in lost wages, productivity, and medical expenses.


At BluZen, we recognize the importance of proper posture for overall health. That's why we've put together the ultimate guide to the best office chair cushions for back pain in 2023. Keep reading to stay comfortable and aligned throughout your workday!


Understanding Office Chair Cushions

Chair cushions are designed to be placed on your office chair to keep you comfortable during long work hours. Using an office chair cushion can help improve your posture without the substantial expense of buying a new office chair.


What Are Office Chair Cushions?

Office chair cushions come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Often called coccyx seat cushions, lumbar cushions, or support cushions, these ergonomic products are placed on the base or back of your office chair to provide relief from hard surfaces, which may contribute to lower back pain or coccyx discomfort.


Benefits Of Using Chair Cushions

Incorporating a chair cushion into your daily work routine can offer numerous advantages:

  • Improved posture: A seat cushion adjusts your posture, leading to a more natural and comfortable position.
  • Reduced compression: Memory foam cushions alleviate pressure and compression in the hips, spine, and tailbone, which may cause pain.
  • Enhanced blood flow: A cushion can ease restrictive lower back and hip pressure to promote healthier circulation.
  • Improved digestion: Proper posture aided by a cushion allows for better digestion by reducing abdominal compression.
  • Increased energy: Good posture, circulation, and digestion combat low energy levels and the need to rest your aching back.
  • Portability: Use your cushion on office chairs, car seats, or dining chairs for comfort on the go

    Choosing the Best Chair Cushion for Back Pain

    When selecting a cushion to alleviate back pain during work, consider essential factors like shape, material, and support. Use our comprehensive guide to determine which cushion suits your needs and promotes overall well-being. Focus on seat cushions for lower back pain, lumbar pillow, and other essential attributes to decide on the best office chair cushion for back pain.

     Remember to consider your unique preferences and requirements when deciding on the best chair cushion for back pain. With various shapes, materials, and support options, BluZen's range of cushions caters to everyone's needs, so you can work in comfort and maintain productivity throughout your day.


    Two common types of materials in seat cushions include:

    • Memory foam cushions: Memory foam provides support and comfort, as it's made with a viscoelastic material that offers soft and gentle cushioning.
    • Gel seat cushions: Gel cushions offer better breathability, which is ideal if you tend to get warm while working. However, gel cushions can be more susceptible to wear and tear, lasting for a shorter period than memory foam cushions.

    You can also find seat cushions that combine both gel and memory foam for added benefits.


    Type Of Support

    Several support cushion types serve different purposes:

    • Lumbar support pillows: These rest on your chair's backrest, helping to maintain the natural curve of your spine during long periods of sitting.
    • Coccyx seat cushions: These relieve any pain in your coccyx (tailbone) as you sit, which can result from being compressed when sitting upright for extended periods.


      • Wedge seat cushion - the wedge seat cushion is designed to provide support by keeping you upright and tilting your hips while you sit.
      • The donut seat cushion - coccyx orthopedic seat cushions usually have a donut hole where your coccyx should sit, so there is no pressure on your tailbone.
      • Strapped cushions - you can strap lumbar support pillows to the backrest of your chair with adjustable straps to provide more curvature.


      The size of your cushion depends on your desired seat height, the support level required, and personal preferences. Measure your chair's seat to determine the appropriate cushion size.



      The cost of an office seat cushion is an important consideration. High-quality cushions typically cost around $25 or more; otherwise, you may invest in quickly worn-out cushions. Low-quality materials can become compressed, providing insufficient support.


      Best Types Of Office Chair Cushions For Back Pain

      We've compiled a list of the best office chair cushion types to help you relieve pressure and maintain proper posture while working.


      Memory Foam Chair Cushions

      These popular cushions provide cushioning on pressure points vulnerable to compression while seated. Office chairs generally have some padding, but memory foam chair cushions help relieve pressure by adapting to your lower back and pelvic region.


      Chair Cushions For Tall People

      Tall individuals may experience uncomfortable spinal curvature while sitting, often having to hunch over to view their computer screen. In addition to using a taller desk, tall people should ensure their chair allows their legs to rest comfortably on the floor at a 90-degree angle. A chair cushion can help raise the overall height of the chair while simultaneously cushioning the lower back, hips, or coccyx.


      Chair Cushions For Improving Posture

      Wedge and seat cushions are designed to prevent your pelvis from collapsing inward and tilting it upward for better posture. Maintaining proper posture during work can reduce back pain and increase energy levels by the end of the day


      Foam And Gel Hybrid Chair Cushions

      Foam and gel hybrid chair cushions combine the comfort and support of memory foam with the heat-relieving properties of gel for breathability throughout the day in your pelvic region.


      Donut Chair Cushions

      Donut chair cushions feature a small hole for your coccyx, providing relief if your tailbone becomes sore due to compression throughout the day. Consider investing in a donut chair cushion for added comfort.


      Core Engagement Or Wobble Seat Cushion

      Core engagement cushions or wobble seat cushions help maintain good posture while keeping your core activated. These unstable cushions require using core muscles for support during work, providing a more engaged workday and burning calories as you sit.


      How To Sit Correctly?

      To get the most out of your seat cushion, you will need to learn the best sitting position to ensure your posture is correct throughout the day.


      Support Back And Wrists

      Ensure your back is supported by a backrest during your workday to prevent leaning or hunching forward. When working on a computer or laptop, rest your forearms on the table to support your wrists and avoid soreness.


      Use Headsets or Bluetooth Earphones Instead of Pressing a Phone to Your Ear

      If your job requires phone calls, invest in Bluetooth earphones or a headset to avoid cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder. This practice prevents neck distortion and alleviates neck and shoulder pain.


      Ensure Proper Placement Of Devices On The Desk

      Regardless of height, ensure that your neck isn't hyperextended while working. Position your computer screen to avoid excessive neck tilting.


      Rest Your Feet On The Floor

      Resting your feet on the floor reduces stress on your hips by providing support and balance, preventing pelvic pain throughout the day.


      Take Regular Breaks

      Regular breaks help flex your spine, legs, and hips, relieving built-up tension. Incorporate stretching or yoga during breaks to increase comfort and productivity.



      Choosing the right office seat cushion can vastly improve your overall comfort and support during the day. Back pain can reduce energy levels and make you feel more tired at the end of a long workday. Implement our correct posture tips and invest in a high-quality seat cushion to alleviate pressure and pain in your pelvis and lower back. 

      At BluZen, we dedicate ourselves to providing wellness and relaxation tips, tricks, and products – explore our blog for more helpful information!

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