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32 Desk Essentials That Will Make Your Workday Better And Easier

Workdays can be a drag - mainly when your desk is drab, and you don't have your home comforts around you. Whether you work in the office or at home, you need the tools to make sitting at your desk and chipping away at your workload a pleasurable activity.

So, how can you make sitting at your desk a more pleasant experience?

Buckle up and read on for the desk essentials that will make your day better and easier, from essential oils to technology and ambiance. WFH or in-office, you need to experience some joy at your desk!


Desk Essentials For A Productive Workday

Want to be comfortable and focused while you're working? Take a look at these desk essentials for a productive workday!


Essential Gadgets And Devices

Creating a convenient and comfortable work environment means investing in plenty of gadgets! They can help you keep your desk tidy and make your workstation more comfortable.


Laptop Stand

If you're constantly looking downwards at your laptop while you're working, you might want to invest in a laptop stand. A laptop stand can elevate your screen so that sitting at your desk all day doesn't impact your posture. A wireless keyboard works well with a laptop stand to keep your hands naturally while typing.


Phone Stand

Your phone can be highly distracting while you're working. By docking your phone in a phone stand, you can see your notifications when they pop up without picking up your phone, which could lead to you getting distracted. Plus, if you need to make a call for work, you won't lose your phone under the papers on your desk.


Desk Lamp

Working in a dark environment can be detrimental to your eyesight. If you have to write notes and read documents, you need adequate lighting. If you often work late, you'll find it gets dark out before you finish, and you will need additional lighting to keep you alert and focused. A desk lamp is a staple accessory for any desk.


Cord Organizer

Stuffing your cords into a draw can result in sheer chaos. Who has the time to sit and untangle mountains of cords? With a cord organizer, you can avoid countless hours of suffering, and your cables will all be neat and ready for use the next time you need them.


Wireless Mouse

If you're using a laptop stand and wireless keyboard, you'll need a wireless mouse, too. Using your wrists on a small touchpad on your laptop can be pretty fiddly and cause your wrists to grow tired. Wired mouses can make your desk look cluttered, too. Switch to a wireless mouse for more comfortable scrolling and a tidier work surface.



Headphones can allow you to block out any distracting noise around you. You can play white noise, ambient sounds, and music to help you focus. If you struggle to focus, try using a Pomodoro technique video on youtube, which plays music and ambient sounds for 25 minutes and gives you a short brain-break for 5. You might find that this increases your productivity and stops you from getting distracted.


Wireless Charger

Having wires out on your desk can make it look cluttered. Why not install a wireless charger on your desk? This way, you can just place your phone on top of it, and it will charge, without you having to fuss over cables.


Charging Station

Or, if you'd prefer to have a dock for your phone to keep it out of the way while you're working and avoid distraction, you can set up a charging station. You can buy a charging station that comes with places for your smartwatch and wireless earphones, too!


Essential Oils To Boost Productivity

Did you know that essential oils are being used in offices more frequently to boost productivity? One Japanese study found that essential oils can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) produced in the body to improve focus.


Lavender Oil

The Japanese study found that workers made 20% fewer typing errors when lavender oil was diffused into the air around them. Lavender contains linalool, proven to reduce cortisol levels in clinical trials. When the pressure is mounting at work, our lavender oil can help you to remain calm and productive while at your desk.


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil has properties that can help lift mood, relieve headaches, and fight fatigue. It has also been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and cognitive function. Try diffusing our peppermint oil at your desk if you frequently suffer from headaches and fatigue at work, as it will help to increase your focus and stop brain fog from affecting your productivity.


Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil contains linalyl acetate, a powerful chemical that can promote relaxation and a sense of ease. If you struggle to ground yourself at work and find yourself ruminating over to-do lists rather than focusing on the task in front of you, then clary sage oil can help you feel calm, grounded, and focused.


Bergamot Oil

When you have a meeting that you're nervous about or are waiting to receive feedback from your manager, you'll find that work can be pretty anxiety-inducing. Bergamot oil is a great essential oil to diffuse at your desk to alleviate anxiety and help you stay calm and uplifted. Anxiety tends to affect our focus, and we find ourselves excessively worrying rather than focusing, so keeping bergamot essential oil in your desk drawer can be a lifesaver.


Lemon Grass Oil

BluZen lemongrass oil has a fresh and uplifting aroma that can help you feel more alert when working at your desk. Lemongrass essential oils can also help to alleviate headaches - so if you missed your morning coffee and have a splitting headache, lemongrass oil can save the day.


Comfort Desk Essentials

Your comfort is essential while you're working. Full-time jobs take up the majority of our working week, so we need to make our workspace comfortable and ensure that our joints, back, and posture are not negatively affected by our working environment.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Our diffusers can help you receive the benefits of the essential oils listed above and help you breathe better while you're working, and reduce stress. You can get essential oil diffusers with blue LED lighting, which can improve focus and concentration, keeping you alert while you work.


Seat Cushions

A hard and uncomfortable chair can be a real pain in the butt. Consider investing in some seat cushions to help to keep your derriere comfortable. Seat cushions can be a great way to personalize your desk, too. If your buttocks are hurting, you will be shifting in your seat, and the discomfort will decrease your productivity, so seat cushions make for a good investment.


Heating Pads

There's nothing worse than being cold in the office. Your toes feel like ice, and your nose starts to drip. Even in the summer months, the AC can make it extremely cold in the office. Heating pads can help you to feel more comfortable and stop the cold from distracting you from your work.


Massage Gun

When we work at a desk all day, our backs can suffer. No matter how comfortable the seating is, our bodies are not designed to be sitting still in the same position for hours. Try taking stretch breaks and using a massage gun to eliminate any knots and tensions that build up throughout the day. The more support you can offer your body throughout the day, the sharper your mind becomes and the more productive you will be.


Water Bottle

Dehydration can seriously affect your concentration and make you feel sluggish and unfocused. A water bottle is a desk staple and a desk essential. Try to drink a whole bottle of water while you work, not just coffee or tea. Get a large water bottle that holds at least a liter of water, and make it your goal to finish the bottle every day.


Mini Heater

Like heating pads, a mini heater can help you regulate your body's temperature throughout the day. Please ensure that your office allows you to use a mini heater, and be sure to switch it off when you're done for the day.


Desk Fan

A desk fan can come in handy when the office gets a little stuffy. If you're starting to sweat, you could get some embarrassing stains or start to reek by the end of the day. So, invest in a desk fan that will stop you from feeling self-conscious about sweat and odor, which could distract you from your work and affect your self-esteem.


Coffee Mug

Coffee can help to keep us alert while we work. Coffee is a stimulant, and it increases the production of the hormone dopamine, which allows us to stay focused throughout the day. A coffee mug will help you get your caffeine dose while working, and getting more coffee gets you out of your chair for a few minutes, which will give you healthy mini-breaks.


Snacks And Gum

Healthy snacks, like dried fruit, can help you focus and provide fuel for your brain. Studies have shown that chewing can help you concentrate for more extended periods and improve memory. If your job requires consistent monitoring, consider investing in chewy dried fruits like mango or gum to help you concentrate for long periods.



Sucram yoga is an ancient practice that involves meditating while looking at the flame of a candle. Candles can help promote relaxation and focus, and you can even use them for mindful meditation breaks while you work. You can use aromatherapy candles with essential oils for concentration to help you focus throughout the day.


Desk Organization Essentials

Tidy desk, tidy mind. To stay on-task and clear-headed throughout the day, you will need an organized and neat desk.



Notebooks allow you to avoid having loose scrap pieces of paper all over your desk. You will benefit from having a notebook handy to jot things down and keep all of your notes in one place, so they don't get lost.



If you work in an office, you may not have cleaning supplies handy if you spill anything. Bringing your own clothes allows you to prevent your keyboard and things on your desk from becoming sticky or dirty, making your work environment pretty unpleasant and affecting your concentration.


Desktop Organizer

A desktop organizer allows you to keep pens, pencils, post-its, and notebooks handy for when you need them, without your desk becoming cluttered, which can affect your concentration. You can get cool desktop organizer designs to personalize your workspace.


Storage Basket

A storage basket helps keep any documents and forms you haven't organized into folders yet. A storage basket can act as an 'in tray' and help you keep your desk clear of loose paper.


Folders/File Cabinet

You will need a variety of folders to sort your documents into categories that will make them easier to find later. You can use a file cabinet, but folders are the cheaper option. Be sure to label your folders, making it easier to find documents later.


Desk Calendar

Having a calendar can help you quickly take notes of important events and meetings without having to scramble for a free page in your notebook. And, if you hang your desk calendar on your wall, your schedule will be visible all the time, and you won't miss anything.


Drawer Organizer

If your drawers become cluttered, you could lose track of pens, pencils, paper clips, and even important documents. Drawer organizers can help you to keep track of everything you need for work in a straightforward system, so you can put everything back where it belongs at the end of the day.


Pens Pencils

You will need pens and pencils to take notes in meetings and quickly note things down throughout the day. Be sure to stock up on pens and pencils, as it is easy to lose track of them, and your coworkers may ask to borrow a pen and not return it.


Sticky Notes

Sticky notes allow you to make important notes to stick on your computer screen or calendar. If you need to remember to do something as soon as you return to work, you can leave a sticky note on your computer screen at the end of the day.



If you invest in these desk essentials, you can make working more comfortable and improve your focus throughout the day. If you have a full-time job, you can typically spend eight hours a day sitting at your desk, so it must be a comfortable space for you.

BluZen is a family-run business that prides itself on providing essential oils and resources for customers to improve focus, mood, and concentration. Our quality essential oils are designed to help people take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing for a more mindful lifestyle.

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