How To Use Essential Oils To Scent A Room

How To Use Essential Oils To Scent A Room? 17 Ways To Do It

Essential oils have been used for centuries. When used in a holistic approach to self-care and medicine, they can provide stress relief, encourage mindfulness, and provide pain relief.

Your home is the place where you unwind and take care of yourself. Simply by using essential oils to scent a room in your home, you can receive the calming and grounding benefits.

Visitors shouldn’t think your home smells funky. You can give your home a fresh and pleasant aroma by scenting it with essential oils. Read on to instill a sense of peace and calm in your home with the divine scents of essential oils. This guide will talk you through the many methods you can use to fragrance your home with essential oils.


How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room? 17 Ways to Do It

The beauty of essential oil is in its many uses. You can receive the aroma and calming benefits of your favorite essential oil in many different ways, using devices or items lying around the house.



Diffusing is one of the most common methods to scent a room with essential oils. Diffusers work by breaking down the particles of the essential oils and combining them with water to be diffused into the air as a vapor.

You will need to obtain a diffuser for this method, and there are plenty you can choose from to suit your home’s aesthetic and personal style. Try placing a few drops of vanilla essential oil into your diffuser to create a sweet and warm scent in a room. Vanilla is an appetite suppressant due to its rich and sweet aroma - making it beneficial for those on a weight-loss journey!

When using this method, it is essential to remember that you need to clean your diffuser regularly so that the essential oils do not accumulate and inhibit the diffuser's function. If you do not wish to use a diffuser, you can simply use a bowl of hot water with essential oil to diffuse the oil into the air.


A Bowl of Hot Water

Similarly to when you mop or wash dishes and the cleaning solution fills the air with a pleasant smell, you can use a bowl of hot water from the kettle and a few drops of essential oil to create oil-infused steam that fills the air with your favorite scent.

For this, you will need a kettle, a bowl (preferably a non-heat conducting bowl so that you can safely move it), and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Try using eucalyptus essential oil for this method, as the oil has decongestive properties that help you breathe easier along with the steam.

When using this method, be sure you place the bowl of hot water out of the way so that pets and children do not accidentally spill the hot water and scald themselves. If you wish to have more essential oils evaporated into the air, try using a diffuser.


Room Sprays and Mists

Room sprays and mists are a great way to deodorize your furniture, carpets, and the textiles around your home.

To create an essential oil room spray, you will need some distilled alcohol, a spray bottle, and essential oils. Simply fill your spray bottle with distilled alcohol, and add a few drops of essential oil. You can use several essential oils to create your own signature room scent. We recommend lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender essential oils for this due to their natural deodorizing properties. This method will help you get rid of any musty or unpleasant odors in your home.

When using this method, avoid getting any spray on the skin, as alcohol can be quite drying. Another way to fragrance your furniture is to apply essential oils to unfinished wood to absorb the scent.


Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are popular as they effectively diffuse essential oils into the air and act as a small decor item to add to the room's visual appeal.

To create a reed diffuser, you will need a small jar or glass bottle (decorative alcohol bottles serve well for this purpose). You will also need some reed diffuser sticks, which are relatively inexpensive. You will also need some safflower oil, distilled water, and essential oil. Simply fill your jar or bottle with safflower oil or water and between 25 and 30 drops of your essential oil for a potent mixture. Lavender essential oil, jasmine essential oil, and ylang-ylang essential oil work well for this method, creating a rich floral aroma.

With this method, be sure to place your reed diffuser somewhere safe away from children and animals that may break it or ingest it. A great alternative to a reed diffuser is creating your own essential oil gel air fresheners.


Baking Soda

To provide a carpet-cleaning powder, you can mix the essential oils you love with baking soda.

All you need is an essential oil and baking soda for this method. Simply place your baking soda into a bag with 10 drops of essential oil and shake to ensure the mixture is combined. Then, spread the baking soda on your carpets by shaking it from the bag. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes before hoovering it up. Try using citrus essential oils, as they work well with the deodorizing properties of baking soda.

Try saving some of the mixtures to place in a small bowl in your fridge, as this will help to deodorize the fridge from any foul odors.

Be careful to place pets and children out of the way before spreading the mixture, as they may become quite messy. A great alternative to this method is using a room spray to deodorize your carpet and other textiles around the home.



Sachets are handy for keeping gym bags, linen drawers, and closets smelling fresh and clean. You can use many things to create an essential oil sachet, substituting fillers or using bags of a different material. But, for this basic recipe, you will need:

  • A small linen or hemp sachet
  • Rice, rose petals, or lavender
  • Essential oil

Simply assemble the bag with the filler inside and add your essential oils. Eucalyptus is a powerful scent with deodorizing properties, and we recommend using eucalyptus to refresh your gym bag, laundry hamper, or closet.

Ensure that you do not leave the sachets within reach of pets that may destroy them and ingest the contents, which could be harmful. An excellent substitute for essential oil sachets is simply cotton balls doused in essential oil.


Unfinished Wood

Unfinished wood is absorbent and makes a brilliant conduit for essential oils. Using essential oils on unfinished wood can create a subtle aroma that lasts.

If you have unfinished wood in your home, simply place a few drops of essential oils on it and let it absorb. This method works well for unfinished wood in drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Try using sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils for this method, as this will enhance the furniture’s pre-existing earthy and wooden smell.

When using this method, ensure that your surface is fully dry before placing anything on the unfinished wood, as this can cause clothes or textiles to become stained with the oil. Sachet bags and cotton balls provide an excellent alternative to this method if there is no unfinished wood in your drawers.


Dried Flowers/Potpourri

Potpourri is an elegant and classic decorative feature in any home. And, it's easy to make your own potpourri bowl! Here's what you will need to make your own essential oil potpourri:

  • Dried flowers
  • Essential oils
  • A decorative bowl

Simply place the dried flowers into your decorative bowl, along with a generous helping of your favorite essential oils. We recommend floral essential oils like lavender and rose for this, as they will complement the preexisting scent of the dried flowers.

Ensure that you do not have any allergies to the ingredients of your potpourri, as this can cause some irritation. Potpourri is perfect for bathrooms, covering any unpleasant odors. Try using reed diffusers if potpourri isn't your thing.


Tart Burner Warmer

If you have a tart warmer, this option will be a convenient way for you to use your favorite essential oils.

For this method, place a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto the wax tart in your burner before lighting the candle. The aroma will diffuse into the air, and the light from your candle will provide a cozy atmosphere. For this method, try using vanilla essential oil with cinnamon essential oil, as this will allow you to recreate the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte and add to the cozy vibe.

Ensure that you blow any candles out before sleeping or leaving the house to avoid the risk of a fire. If you do not have a tart burner, consider making your essential oil candles (this can be fun to do on your own, as a family activity, or with your partner!).


Clothespins and Air Vents

As discussed earlier, unfinished wood is highly absorbent and acts as an excellent receptacle for essential oils. Clothespins are made from unfinished wood, and you can use this trick to create an innovative way of diffusing the aroma of your essential oils.

Simply soak your wooden clothespins in essential oil, or drop the essential oil onto your clothespins. Then, attach your clothespins to the air vents in your home, which will heat the essential oils and propel them into the air. We recommend using refreshing essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil.

Be careful when placing the clothespins on your air vents, as if you drop them inside, it may be difficult to retrieve them. An alternative to this method would be using an essential oil diffuser, which will disperse the scent around the room just as well.


Cardboard (Any)

Cardboard, like unfinished wood, is highly absorbent. You can get creative when using cardboard as a carrier for your essential oils. Try placing a few drops on the cardboard inside your toilet roll, tissue box, kitchen roll, or shoeboxes.

We recommend fresh scents for this purpose, such as citrus or menthol essential oils. Be careful not to douse your tissues or toilet paper with essential oil, as pure essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin (especially in sensitive areas). If you're looking for an alternative to cardboard, try using cotton balls with a few drops of essential oil instead.


Oil Candles

Making your own essential oil candles can be a fun activity for you and your friends and family. You get to choose your scents, and you can save money if you use a lot of candles throughout the day. If you want to make aromatherapy candles, you'll need:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Essential oils
  • Wicks
  • Jars - you can recycle old food jars for this

To create an aromatherapy candle, heat and melt your wax on medium-low heat. Then add 80-100 drops of essential oils. Then, seal your wicks to the bottom of your jars using a little wax. Once you have done this, seal your wick to a pencil placed across the rim of your jar to keep it upright. Then, fill the jars with your wax and essential oil mix. Let it stand for an hour, trim the wick, and boom! You're a candlemaker.

Use the essential oils you like best for this, and get creative! You can create your own signature candle scent, and your home will always smell amazing. Be careful not to burn the wax during this process, and be careful not to burn yourself. If you don't want to make your own candles, you could try a tart burner to enjoy your essential oils instead.



Terracotta has a porous surface that can make a great host for essential oils scent a room. Try finding terracotta candle holders and vases and placing a few drops of essential oil inside.

We recommend earthy scents for this, like sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils. Be careful with the essential oils you choose, as once they have been absorbed into the terracotta, you cannot remove them. If you want to use a similar method, try using essential oils on unfinished wood around your home.


Sprinkle Oil on Pillowcase

One way to enjoy the natural fragrance of essential oils is to sprinkle essential oil on your pillowcase. You will breathe in the oils when you sleep, and your sheets will smell clean and fresh. We recommend essential oils with sedative properties for this method, like chamomile essential oil.

An alternative to this method would be creating your own room spray to disperse all over your sheets and provide you with fresh sheets that help you sleep better! Be careful not to use too much essential oil on your pillowcase, as this could cause some irritation. It's best to apply it to the underside of your pillow, just in case.



You can use blank incense sticks as a host for your essential oils. Simply place a few drops of your essential oil, or a variety of essential oils, onto your incense sticks, and place them into a tall container to dry. Once dry, you're free to burn them around the home!

When burning incense, ensure that the sticks are placed into incense holders to secure them and prevent the stick or ash from falling onto more flammable surfaces, posing a fire risk. If you don't like incense, you can use a tart burner to diffuse aromatherapy oils in your home.


Gel Air Fresheners

If you love craft projects, this could be an excellent idea for you. Here's what you'll need to create gel air fresheners for in your bathroom or your car:

  • Plain gelatin
  • Coldwater
  • Salt
  • Essential oils
  • Vodka
  • Food colorant
  • A screw-top food jar

Here's how to make aromatherapy air fresheners in a few simple steps:

  • Boil 1 cup of cold water on the stove
  • Add your gelatin sachet
  • Add salt, and then another cup of cold water
  • In a separate bowl, mix your colorant and essential oil
  • Add the mix to your gelatin and stir
  • Add a tablespoon of vodka to prolong the shelf-life
  • Transfer your gel to a container before it solidifies completely, and let stand

This is an innovative way to use essential oils to refresh your bathroom or to place them in your car to keep it smelling fresh. Try using eucalyptus oil for its odor-blasting properties.

Be careful not to burn or scold yourself during the creation process. If you're not so crafty, you can simply place your essential oils onto cotton balls and place them in the areas you wish to deodorize.


Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are discreet and make a great host for essential oils as they are highly absorbent. Simply place a few drops of oils with a wonderful scent onto the balls, and place them in areas you wish to keep smelling fresh and clean. You can place them in your closet, linen cupboard, sock drawer, or discreetly place them around the home.

Be careful not to leave the cotton balls within reach of pets or children that could swallow them and get a strong dose of concentrated essential oil in the process. If you do not have cotton balls, small squares of cardboard work just as well when soaked in oils.



If you don't have a diffuser, there are plenty of DIY diffuser methods you can use around the home to keep it smelling wonderful and help you to receive the holistic health benefits of your essential oils.

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