Rose Essential Oil - 15 ml

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"RELIEVES PAIN AND EASES MENSTRUAL DISCOMFORT: The soothing aroma of rose essential oil is thought to release endorphins, which may be effective in alleviating pain, such as menstrual cramps.EASE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: Rose essential oils can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, cortisol levels, and blood oxygen level, leading to a calmer, more relaxed state and improved mood. Additionally, it is thought or release dopamine when inhaled, helping to relieves signs of depression. A symbol of romance, passion, and beauty, the harmonizing essence of rose can promote feelings of love, hope, and joy. ANTIBACTERIAL: Whether inhaled through the vapors from an rose diffuser oil or combined with a carrier oil like coconut and applied topically, rose oil can be effective in fighting infection from certain bacteria or funguses. Store in a Light & Temp Controlled Room. A blend of 100% pure essential and natural oil Made in the USA Free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates Vegan & Cruelty Free"


Free of Parabens

Free of Phthalates

Free of Sulfates

Vegan & Cruelty Free

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