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How to Use a Percussion Massager

Self-care is in the spotlight this year, as it should be. People are taking better care of their bodies and better care of their mental health. People are taking the time and using the tools necessary to improve their quality of life. This new focus on wellness is arguably overdue, and many of us have built up stress and tension that we’d be remiss to put off any longer. 

The percussion massager is one popular remedy we’re fond of, but many wonder how to use a massage gun properly before they try it out. If you’re looking for something to give you a deep tissue massage at home or to relax some of your muscle knots, this is the article for you. We’re diving into the different massage gun uses, techniques, and precautions so you can decide whether this is the right wellness device for you.


Product Overview: Which Massager Should You Choose?

The Large Bluzen Percussion Massager

The Mini Bluzen Percussion Massager

We carry two different percussion massagers, the large and the mini. These are our unique tools for releasing muscle pain and enhancing overall health and wellness. Plus, they are relatively budget-friendly when you compare them across the market.

Both options come with the same four attachments, so you decide where and why you want a percussion massager. The mini is great for travel, so if you’re looking for a multi-use and versatile massage gun, it’ll do just the trick. But, if you want the biggest and best BluZen has to offer, the large massage gun is great to have on hand. 

And, if you aren’t familiar with our percussion massagers, the powerful multi-frequency vibration design effectively relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, promotes blood circulation and range of motion, and improves the soft tissue health of the body. Target your pain points with precision and get that deep tissue massage at home to feel instant and lasting relief.


How to Use a Massage Gun

Starting low and slow and listening to how your body feels and responds to initial use are some of the best massage gun techniques for beginners. General recommendations suggest that you use the percussion massager on a particular muscle for one to two minutes. If the muscle group is smaller, aim for one minute, but be careful not to over-massage. Users warn that improper or excessive use of massage guns could cause discomfort and injury, and that continuous pressure or vibration in a specific area can cause prolonged pain. 

Now, let’s talk muscle targeting.

According to Shape, experts recommend stretching before and after for deeper, quicker relief. A few areas are best suited for massage gun use, including the calves, hips, hamstrings, neck, and quads. That isn’t an exclusive list by any means, since there are about 600 total muscles in the human body, but pause for a moment and see if you store tension in those areas. If so, this is the perfect starting point for those wondering how to use a massage gun or if a massage gun is the right wellness tool for you.

As for precautions, limit your massage gun use to muscles only—no bones or joints. Don’t use the massage gun on open sores or wounds, don’t use it too soon after surgery, and don’t add pressure while using the massage gun (or in other words, don’t press down). 

When used properly, massage guns can be great tools to have when you want to wind down after a workout or simply after a long day. You can say goodbye to aches, pains, stress, and tension with the help of one of our percussion massagers.


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