Do Posture Correctors Work? What The Experts Say

Do Posture Correctors Work? What The Experts Say

Are you curious about how effective posture correctors are? Learn what experts say about their benefits for your health and if one is right for you!

Posture correctors are designed to alleviate pain in the neck, back, and shoulders while straightening the spine for improved posture. Now that people are working from home, there has been a rise in demand for posture correctors to help people maintain good posture while they are working.

Experts recommend wearing a posture corrector for between 15 and 20 minutes a day for the best results. You can receive many benefits from using and wearing a posture corrector, including correcting your poor posture, looking better, avoiding irreversible damage to the spine caused by 'text neck', and working at a desk all day. For more information about the posture corrector, how to use it, and the benefits of straightening the spine, keep reading!

Things You Need To Know About Posture Correctors

Let's begin by discussing the main things you need to know about the posture corrector - how it works and the types of posture correctors available.

How Do Posture Correctors Work?

Hunching over screens can ruin your back and posture and is becoming a common issue with the increased use of mobile devices. A posture corrector is a back brace designed to hold your back upright and eliminate your ability to slouch. It is used to condition the spine and remove back muscle imbalances by returning the muscles to their natural position. When using the posture corrector for 15 to 20 minutes a day, you should see results within 2 weeks.

Types Of Posture Correctors

There are different types of posture correctors you can buy, including:

  • The cross-back elastic brace - this brace provides posture correction by pushing the shoulder blades back and pushing the chest forward. The cross-back elastic brace is comfortable and can be worn underneath clothing. It supports your collarbone, chest, and back while straightening the spine and correcting poor posture.
  • The molded upper-back brace - this posture corrector is less comfortable than the cross-back brace. It has a stiff piece of material at the back, usually made from plastic or metal, which slots between the shoulder blades to prevent curving in the top portion of the spine. This brace is usually used for those with more severe posture issues.
  • The electronic posture corrector - this corrector works by reminding you to correct your posture whenever you slouch. Electronic posture correctors are wearable devices that sometimes come with a mobile app so you can track your progress. This type of corrector works well to re-train your instincts and build up strength in the spine to sit up straight.

Why Posture Matters: Facts That Will Surprise You

Does it matter if you have bad posture? Let's look at some of the main concerns of poor posture and how cultivating proper posture can help avoid complications down the line.

Posture Correctors May Help You Avoid Irreversible Damage To The Spine

The spine is designed to have an S-shape. If this shape becomes imbalanced due to weakness in the postural muscles, this can reduce our spine's natural shock-absorbing abilities. Once you have lost a healthy posture, it becomes irreversible and can put your body at more risk for serious injury in the future.

Posture Correctors Can Reduce The Risk Of Osteoarthritis

Bad posture has significant consequences on the body and is one of the leading contributors to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes areas in the body to become stiff and cause pain in the joints. Poor posture can affect load-bearing joints and cause the connective tissue to become worn, leading to bone-on-bone exposure.

You May Breathe Better By Using Posture Correctors

A healthy posture can help us to breathe better. This is because slouching can restrict the movement of the diaphragm, which will inhibit the amount of air that can enter the chest and lungs. Good posture will lead to better, easier breathing.

Posture Correctors Could Give You An Energy Boost

The uneven pressure placed on the spine due to incorrect posture can cause physical stress throughout the body. You can reduce this physical stress with good posture, and your body will have more energy to focus on other activities and tasks.

Posture Correctors Improve Your General Physical Performance

When we perform tasks throughout the day, or exercise, having good posture can improve our form and help us to perform better. For instance, if you are lifting heavy weights at work, home, or the gym, having better posture can reduce the risk of injury.

Posture Correctors Improve Your Mental Health

Studies have shown that maintaining an upright posture can significantly impact self-esteem, confidence, and mental health. Sitting upright can reduce self-focus and reduce symptoms of low mood, which can be exacerbated by headaches and neck pain caused by poor posture. Sitting upright can improve our resilience and ability to handle stressful situations as they arise throughout the day.

Posture Correctors Make You Look Great

When we have the correct posture, we feel more confident. Others will subconsciously notice your good posture, making you appear more healthy and attractive to others. Slouching gives others the impression of low confidence and sluggishness, which is much different from the energetic and confident stance of those with proper alignment.

Limitations Of Posture Correctors

If you overuse a posture corrector, this can lead to muscles in the back weakening, which may lead to atrophy. For this reason, you should only use the posture corrector for short periods. You may consider strengthening the spine alongside using a posture corrector with activities like yoga that are designed to improve posture and strength in the spine.4>

How To Choose A Posture Corrector?

You should look for some features when determining whether a posture corrector is suitable for you; take a look at some of these essential considerations when buying a posture corrector.

Determine If The Posture Corrector Targets Vulnerable Regions In Your Body

The three most important areas to support using a posture corrector are the cervical thoracic junction (located at the bottom of the neck around the collarbone), the neck, and the lower back. Consider whether the posture corrector offers enough support for these areas.

Does The Posture Corrector Feel Comfortable?

Comfort is essential when using a posture corrector. You need to be able to wear it for longer than 10 minutes to see results. Softer correctors keep the muscles activated to avoid atrophy and are generally more comfortable.

Can You Use The Posture Corrector Easily?

If you need another person to help you put the corrector on and take it off, you won't be able to use it as frequently. Posture correctors work best when you can easily take them off and put them on yourself.

How Does The Posture Corrector Look On Your Body?

The best posture correctors are discreet. A discreet posture corrector allows you to wear it while working at the office or going about your business without embarrassment. Since you need to wear the corrector for extended periods of around 15 minutes, it's best to get one that you feel comfortable being seen in.

Can A Posture Corrector Work For You?

If you think you can use the posture corrector to achieve proper form while working on your core muscles to improve posture, it will likely work for you. However, if you are not committed to improving your posture and find yourself slouching again the second you remove the corrector, this could indicate that this isn't the best solution for you.4>


Physical therapy, yoga, and spine-strengthening exercises can help us achieve a better posture. However, to ensure our workday and texting habits do not undo our posture progress, you can use posture correction braces to prevent a forward head posture caused by these activities. Using techniques to improve your posture can help you avoid chronic pain and constant discomfort due to hunching and slouching.

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